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About Cherry Diesel.

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Like its brethren before it,

Cherry Diesel earned its wings through its more obvious components: its vibrant color and tart cherry flavor.

more also Cherry Diesel draws the best of both parents into one bud.

MTG Seeds developed this strain by combining Turbo Diesel and Cherry,

two longtime fan favorites,

to create this well balanced 50/50 legacy

to the Diesel family throne.

Though its effects are mighty,

Cherry Diesel remains a nice introduction strain

for novice users looking to try something with a little more oomph.

This bright green bud is covered in bright orange hairs,

long sticky trichomes, and boasts a big flavor of cherry and diesel.

With THC levels ranging from 15% to 18% and aromas to match its name and taste,

Cherry Diesel gives users a consistently strong kick that mirrors the biting flavors.

more over This high is often described as arousing, giving users prolonged energy, sharpened focus,

and a little vavoom in the nether regions.

After just one hit you’ll feel immediately uplifted and motivated.

A cerebral rush washes over you and with it brings tingles and fits of giggles.

Though it’s not a particularly talkative strain,

Cherry Diesel will have you feel social and creative.

This is a good time to invite friends over to exchange ideas or just to simply chill out.

On the comedown, you can expect full body relaxation as you become more introverted and a bit sleepy.

Cherry Diesel doesn’t have a lot of readily available information.

as far as cultivation goes,

however one user experience reported that this plant is a challenge to bring from seed and may be best suited for an intermediate-to-advanced gardener.

Though it is believed to flourish indoors and outdoors,

it might be best grown by an indoor cultivator with

an estimated flowering time between 7 and 9 weeks.

more also It offers a standard yield and needs a lot of trimming.

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