Ice water hash (bubble hash)


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Ice water hash (bubble hash)

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(Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

Ice water hash, also known as bubble hash, is created by agitating cannabis buds in ice water, which are then filtered through fine screen bags.

Making ice water hash is often referred to as washing because hashmakers use specially. designed washing machines to agitate their plant material before it’s filtered through. a series of fine screen bags. Once the resin has been filtered, collected, and dried, we’re. left with usable hash. Its appearance and texture can range between dry and chalky to greasy and oily.

The highest grade ice water hash, often called full melt or ice wax, can be dabbed while lower quality. grades are commonly pressed into rosin,. smoked like a traditional hash,. or reserved for infusions. The quality of hash is graded on a star system, with six being the highest . quality and a single star reserved for the least refined products.

Dabbing technology is evolving, but the traditional setup includes. the following items (keep in mind that the. appearance of each tool may vary slightly depending on its design):

  1. A cannabis extract. These come in a variety of forms, but the most common. ones used for dabbing are BHOCO2, and solventless extracts like rosin. Don’t dab with alcohol-based extracts, and if you have. any doubt at all about the safety of dabbing a particular oil, ask your budtender.
  2. A water pipe. You can take the glass bowl pieces out and replace them. with dabbing attachments to turn your pipe into a dab rig.
  3. A nail. Find a nail that fits your water pipe’s gauge. Some are made of ceramic and quartz,. but titanium is the most commonly used type.
  4. A dome. This is the glass hood placed around the nail. “Dome-less” nails (see below) don’t need. a glass globe, but standard nails need something to trap the vapor before it’s inhaled.
  5. A torch. Mini-torches used for crème brulee will do the job, but some choose to. upgrade to larger propane-fueled torches that heat nails faster. New flame-less methods of dabbing are becoming available,. but most people still use the torch method due to the low cost investment.
  6. A dabber. This is the glass, metal, or ceramic tool used to apply a dab.

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